Mommy, What is a Virus?

Aajonus may have wanted to get his message through by posing as fiction, following the example set by George Orwell in the classic novel 1984. He did not complete that work of fiction however he did leave us an important factual description of the virus hoax that would have been stated by one of the characters. I suggest you have your dictionary handy or use .  See and comment on Part 1 below:

The Monstrous Virus Hoax:

The Scam that Made the Grade!

by T.C. Fry

“Mommy, what is a virus?”

How many youngsters have asked this simple question when told they are sick because they have a “virus”?

And how many parents have responded like this?

“A virus is a little beast so small you can’t see it with your eyes. It gets into you and causes terrible sickness.”

That explanation is about as illuminating as any you’ll come across. Dr Stephen S. Marse, when asked the question, responded like this:

“Considering the virus’s size and simplicity (an infectious agent is little more than a collection of genes wrapped in a protein case) it can cause tremendous damage. Unlike other living organisms a virus doesn’t eat secrete, or propel itself, and it’s unable to reproduce without the aid of another living creature. Instead, this microbial commando reprograms the cells of another organism, making it the virus’s “host” or, in many cases, it’s victim.

A reprogrammed cell becomes a traitor, forced to cease it’s normal functions and obsessively manufacture copies of the invader. The virus then seizes key positions in the host’s body and spreads to other hosts-in-waiting at the first opportunity. Some viruses attack and disable their victims with cruel speed. Ebola has an incubation period of just 5 to 8 days, and a mortality rate as high as 90 percent. Other viruses take years to harm their hosts. AIDS can incubate for up to a decade, allowing the deadly agent plenty of time to pass to new hosts before it’s ill-effects become apparent. Others, such as herpes simplex, co-exist so well we’re often unaware of their presence.”


I’ve read dozens of descriptions of viruses in books on the subject, dictionaries, encyclopedias, in magazines, newspapers, and sundry other places. This explanation is about as far afield as any.

I want to respond to these statements on a point by point basis, as an indictment. Let’s get into a bill of particulars:

1. The viral explanation of disease was concocted and imposed on the world through big lie techniques by a monstrous cartel that owns and/or controls the world’s banking industry, the chemical industries, the dope cartels, the drug or pharmaceutical and medical industries, the communications media including TV, newspapers, most magazines, the educational system and radio and, in fact, most industries of any consequence worldwide.

2. No clinical or laboratory research has ever been done to prove that so-called viruses have any modus operandi or cause anything at all. A so-called virus has no nerves, sensors or any quality of life. To do tremendous damage, the “virus” must have physical, chemical and/or electrical capabilities. No evidence has ever, in about the last 100 years it has been blamed for diseases, been adduced to prove that so-called viruses have any life or any capabilities whatsoever!

3. That indeed, so-called viruses do not eat or drink, have no metabolism with which to change anything or generate energy, no secretions, no defecation, no activities, no nerves, sensors or (electrical) nerve energy, no reproductive faculties nor, in fact, any qualities of life whatsoever. Thusly, what are called viruses are indeed dead organic matter consisting of genetic and chromosomal RNA and DNA encased in a protein capsid, those capsids being identical to the capsids of the genomes within the many thousands of life units called mitochondria or organelles that populate every human cell from a few hundred up to 30,000 or more.

4. That, as genomes, so-called viruses are merely the genetic patterns for entitative organisms with all the qualities of life as in bacteria, mitochondria, (organelles) fungi and human cells!

5. That these genomes from cellular nuclei and mitochondria are, in fact, the genetic patterns for mitosis (cellular and mitochondrial division and replication), for mitochondrial protein synthesis, for mitochondrial sugar use (glucose combustion or conversion through oxidation) and conversion into body energy through the medium of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and a myriad of other life processes.

6. That, when Koch’s postulates shot down the bacterial explanation for disease, the medical/pharmaceutical cartel, with a vested interest in disease, as opposed to health, erected new scapegoats called viruses to be fought with drugs, thus selling their nefarious products. Just as readily as they shot down the germ theory, so too, do Koch’s postulates impale and discredit the viral theory of disease causation.

7. That no research or experiments have ever been reported where so-called viruses were tested according to the criteria of Koch’s postulates.

8. That lifeless genomes do not and cannot invade cells as reported and photographed. What has been photographed are cells conducting eating processes called pinocytosis or phagocytosis wherein they absorb for recycling breakdown debris from disintegrated neighboring cells that have expired.

9. Statements that so-called viruses, without any life qualities, or any ability to move or maneuver, attack cells, seize positions, inject themselves into a cell, command a cell, infect a cell, program a cell, wreak tremendous damage or in any manner perform any act or in any way cause any result are inherently absurd. The living organism always acts and causes results favorable to itself. Only pure chemical unions from chemicals (poisons) pose a serious threat. Dead materials are always acted upon! Only the living organism does the acting. The very statement that “viruses” attack when they do not have any faculties for movement, propulsion, assault or offensive action, and have no energy or capability for any activity at all and have no have no equipment for damaging anything at all, is sheer fiction.

6 thoughts to “Mommy, What is a Virus?”

  1. It’s absolutely amazing how COVID-19 is all based on a false premise! So much fuss, fear, inconvenience and loss over something that isn’t even true! The C.D.C. and the W.H.O. are the real culprits that are spreading nothing but flat out lies about this fallacious corona virus! As Aajonus taught us, a virus does not make the body sick but rather it works to make the body well again! All medical societies want us all to believe in nothing but lies! I am so glad I don’t and I wont ever fall for any of this COVID-19 propaganda on the radio, TV and on the internet! When they start to mandate COVID-19 testing and they being to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine I will refuse both efforts to protect the health of my own body! No tests and no injections for my body for sure! Because now I know the real truth about viruses thanks to Aajonus Vanderplanitz’s knowledge which he shared with the whole world when he was still here on the earth.

  2. Three must read books:
    1. Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense by Torsten Engelbrecht, Claus Köhnlein(FREE PDF):

    OR here for the updated version:

    2. The Contagion Myth by Thomas S. Cowan, Sally Fallon Morell:

    3. BÉCHAMP or PASTEUR? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume(FREE PDF):

    You can fool some people all of the time, all people some of the time, but not all people all of the time. – Abraham Lincoln

  3. Yeah, what Aajonus says makes a lot of sense, especially when you couple it with the research of Antoine Bechamp, Royal Rife, and others like them (and the way they were persecuted). I believe God designed our bodies to care for and heal themselves. When I understood that colds and flus are just detoxifications, I didn’t have to fear them anymore: they are created internally, not caught from the outside. The body is intelligent and does what’s best for itself; we see this in nature: injuries heal themselves, wounds scab over, trees heal themselves, etc. We just need to give the body what it needs to function properly, and Aajonus seems to have figured out what that is: raw, enzyme-filled, bacteria-filled foods.

    I still wonder about leprosy though. In the Bible leprosy was believed to be extremely contagious and was basically considered a death sentence (albeit a slow one). If diseases aren’t contagious, then what’s the truth about leprosy? Where does leprosy come from and how does it spread?

    I also wonder about diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, etc . . . the mosquito diseases. I’ve never heard Aajonus talk about these. What are they and how can they be cured with natural substances? Would these be examples of getting a virus by being injected with it . . . by a mosquito?

    Thanks for the article, Jim.

    1. Yes, Nathan! With your high degree of understanding I am surprised you are not a subscriber to view the password-protected part of the site. Searching the subject in your paragraph starting “I still wonder” would bring you what Aajonus says about these things. That is far to much data to put in a simple blog entry. You might give it the one-month trial and have a great time.

  4. I would have done a new category for this post, but am not sure if that is possible?

    I was wondering whom has seen Dr. Robert Young’s research on the stomach? That the stomach’s role is keep the pH of food at about 7.365? Lemme find that link…

    Also, are you familiar with ? It’s all about reclaiming our status
    as Americans, because we are presumed to be U.S. citizens. I think it ties in perfectly with health freedom – freedom of choice, not being bound to all millions of code etc. and does the code even APPLY to us as Americans? Do you know who you are? DO you even want to be a U.S. citizen? Come out of the system…

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