Traveling – Flying, a Letter, Hotels

Well when I fly, like I’ve been going to Asia… When I go I take anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds of butter with me, I carry it on. Plus I’ll have three quarts of milk to get me there.

Do they irradiate your butter, how do you-

No, I have a note from the doctor.

I give them a letter.

My letter didn’t work

That’s funny because you’re the only person. I just had my publisher – with his wife and his infant three months old – who just went on a cruise. They flew to Miami to get the cruise, and they took my letter, they took through a whole gallon of milk for the baby. And lots of butter, they had a whole, they each had a cooler that they took on; they didn’t scan any of it.

But you do? You get scanned?

I tried, I tried a letter and it didn’t work, they didn’t accept it and then I complained TSA and I got a letter to correct it that all food will be radiated. It doesn’t matter if you have a letter or not, they have it in writing so…

Switch to his airline.

It’s at all airlines.

How is that you carrying the milk on?

I carry the milk on, that’s right.

So who’s the letter to? Do you write your own letter or?

No I have an MD who writes my letters.

Because… …somebody who could write a letter for us?

I write the letters for my patients but I don’t write them for myself.

Yeah. I know, but do you have a form letter that you could write for us?

No what I do is charge a hundred dollars that will last you about four months. So I have to put your name, I have to look at your iris and determine what to say about you so that it’s honest.

They accept iridology?

I don’t tell them its iridology. I tell them what particular things you’ve gone through and why radiation would harm you. So I’ve only had two people that it didn’t work for, one was Michael and one was a psychiatrist. [laughter].

Radiation is one issue. The other is getting through security.

Yeah well, that letter…. if you want to get liquids through you have to say you are diabetic. Feb 3, 2013

Transcript available to subscribers Here is a letter written and signed by Aajonus, for a mother and daughter:

[Name, address, phone #]

Hereby, you have been advised that [Sally and Sue Smith]’s foods are medicine.

To Whom It May Concern:

[Sally and Sue]’s foods are medicines. They must eat every 1-2 hours. I have prescribed that their food not be exposed to irradiation or chemicals from any mechanical source, including airport-security devices. They are on a special raw-food diet and must adhere to it for their well-being, health and safety.

Mother and daughter were exposed to dangerous environmental toxins that caused Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). They react hyper-allergically from exposure to irradiation and chemicals of persons and foods. If they eat foods that have been processed, or irradiated by security scanning devices, it is likely that they will experience severe symptoms. They must carry with them items such as raw milk, unsalted raw butter and cream, unheated honey, meat with or without sauce, and raw eggs because airlines and most restaurants do not serve such unprocessed raw food, and they must eat every 1-2 hours. Also, it is difficult to acquire raw dairy products in all states and they must carry food enough for at least 24 hours.

[Sally and Sue Smith]’s foods are medicine. Please hand-check their food. Thank you.


Q: [inaudible] … stay in another motel and as soon as I walk into the room I can smell these cleaning chemicals. [inaudible] while here I am in the room trying to detox chemicals…
A: Do you know the hotels you go to ahead of time?
A: Call them ahead of time and say ‘don’t clean it for a whole day; don’t let anybody clean in there with any kind of [inaudible]. You can use a vacuum cleaner, you can use a rag and water, you can even use vinegar and water … but that is as toxic as you can go. I don’t want any clorox in there’,
…no chlorine of any kind. Then they always take care of it – and I travel all over the world and they always take care of it.
Q: … and they do that for you.
A: Absolutely.
Q: Oh, wow!
A: They will not clean that day with chemicals. One time in Bangkok they did it. I got there and I said ‘I can’t handle this room; I told you not to do it.’ So they take me to 5 different rooms. They had to take me to an executive suite that hadn’t been cleaned. It was a very high priced room and nobody had rented the high priced room so I got a high priced room. October 3, 2011
. . . . . . . .

Whenever I order online and make a [hotel] reservation, I always put in there – backside of the hotel, off the street. I don’t care if it is an alley. I am off of the main street I want the back and a window that opens and no chemical cleanser. None. Use white vinegar maybe – but that is it. October 3, 2011

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