Cholesterol are necessary…

Cholesterol are necessary fatty-based substances that help fuel (for example, cholesterol needed for the body to develop sex and adrenal hormones) clean, lubricate, and protect the entire body. Cholesterol that the liver forms from raw fat, or cholesterol that we consume in raw foods like meat, dairy and coconut are all beneficial. It is necessary and desirable for our bodies to produce and consume cholesterol in large quantities.

It is the cholesterol that the liver makes from cooked fat and cooked cholesterol we consume that is the problem. On a raw diet with plenty of raw fat, a high cholesterol level is wonderful and desirable, indicating that we are digesting, cleansing, lubricating, fueling and protecting the body. See Appendix O, pages 145-150, and Appendix W, page 162, to understand why most people have problems with cooked cholesterol.

In all cholesterol problems, whether high or low, there is a deficiency in utilizable blood fat, lacteal fat and lymphatic fat. Usually, those conditions are due to eating cooked oils, especially safflower, margarine, vegetable oils, and any hydrogenated oil. Those oils readily harden and crystallize, turning into rock-like substances, such as amber stone that was once tree oil.

Eating plenty of raw fats, like unsalted raw butter, raw eggs, raw cream, no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh raw coconut, avocados, stone pressed or small amounts of below-96°-pressed oils provide healthgiving raw fats, making a high cholesterol level beneficial. Many years of eating those fats, raw meats and fresh unripe pineapple gradually remove stored cooked cholesterol (toxins) from body tissues. Note that while a person detoxifies the stored toxic cholesterol, the blood cholesterol level soars because some toxic cholesterol enters the blood to be carried to the bowels and dumped there, or through the skin.

There is no cause for alarm; it is cause for celebration. That process rids the body of cellulite and other toxic fatty storages.

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Since we on PD do not synthesize bad cholesterol, the bad cholesterol that appears in our blood is old toxic cholesterol from past toxic food. Our bodies utilize good cholesterol to harness and cleanse bad cholesterol as well as all of the immediate needs for bodily functions. We should be delighted if both good and bad cholesterols are elevated because our bodies are removing the bad gradually, daily.

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Skin Care – the Primal Diet Way

A: If you want to get rid of dead cells quicker, in your skin, then you just rub on pineapple but only do it once every 5 days. Because if you’ve got enough fat in your skin, in the cells in your skin, it won’t dissolve your healthy skin. If you use this every day, every other day or every third day, it is going to get into the live cells and de-fat them and damage them. Pineapple is very…

Q: Can you just take a cube like that?

A: …take a thin slice the size of your hand and go like this all over. That is for everywhere where you want to…

Q: Is it internal too?

A: Take it before you get in the hot water.

A: Internally, you can have pineapple every other day but on the surfaces, skin, you have it every 5 days.

Q: [inaudible] pineapple in the green juice. Do you not want me to do that much any more?

A: Sometimes. It depends on the person. …for lymphatic or digestion…[inaudible] once a week[inaudible]

A: … half butter and half… …normally use half butter and half bone marrow. Sometimes I will put a tablespoon of coconut cream in it and about a tablespoon of the pineapple juice.

Q: What protects the skin from…

A: It protects it and also gives me enough pineapple to start breaking down dead cells.

Q: It protects it from what? …protects the skin…

A: The cells need nourishment all the time. You’ve got poisons coming out through your skin because skin cells are going to be throwing off fat all the time. If they loose the fat, the poisons as they come out are going to damage the skin and kill it. That is when you start having a lot of sagging skin. It is dead skin. Dead cells can’t absorb fat so when you put the butter and the bone marrow on there, it feeds the healthy cells so that when you put the pineapple on, it doesn’t damage the healthy cells. It will only start dissolving the bromelain in it and other enzymes but won’t dissolve the dead cells.

Q: When are you supposed to do this? After a hot bath?

A: …a good time… If I do a hot bath and my massage therapist comes, I am out of a hot bath right when he gets there I get right on the massage table.

Q: When you get your bath and you put the bone marrow and butter on, [inaudible] and all the dead skin is coming out…

A: No, I got the dead skin off in the bath.

Q: So, you are protecting your skin…

A: Cleaning the skin…

Q: Cleaning the skin but… the toxins are coming into the bone marrow and butter?

A: The bone marrow and butter provide the fat the cells to protect themselves so that any toxins coming through my skin will not damage those cells. The fats are already strong so when it comes out the skin in perspiration or as dead skin cells, they won’t damage those healthy cells, those live cells.

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Clay – Concentrated Minerals

Minerals to Bind and Neutralize Toxins

How can we provide enough minerals to bind and neutralize those toxins with and without enough fats in the body?

Clay, cheese with honey, milk are your main substances of concentrated minerals.

The clay I recommend is Terramin clay. I like that clay because it is from an old thermal water bed table. So the water never got over 98 degrees where they mine it. Phosphorus is cauterized at 98 degrees. Terramin clay is the only place except in fresh raw foods where you can find phosphorus. Phosphorus is cauterized at a very low temperature, 98 degrees… In this clay the phosphorus is pure and un-cauterized and un-adulterated.

The way you make the Terramin clay

You can make it in a way to be probiotic, to help you generate bacteria in your intestines. You take a 2 cup jar and put a cup of clay in it, You put 1 cup, 1 1/4 cup of water (transcribers note: 5 to 6 ounces is enough water), you stir it in the water, it thins out the clay and you get like a Plaster of Paris consistency. You let it sit for 4 to 5 days. The bacteria evolves very nicely.

Clay is the only element on this planet that can shapeshift. It can go from a bacteria to an amoeba. It can take any kind of shape. It is like a stem cell in the body. That’s why they say all life came out of a primordial mush. Clay, wet clay! Flies can generate. Any kind of creature can generate from clay. So you let it sit for 4 to 5 days. And it starts being able to do good things for whatever environment it is in.

Take a tablespoon of clay [transcribers note: aged wet clay], sometimes 1 1/2 T into 4 ounces of milk. Blend it only for 1 second. That particular clay makes milk taste slightly like chocolate milk. Not bad, easy to drink. If you don’t like the slightly gritty taste in you mouth then have another ounce or two of milk and rinse your mouth out and swallow.

Add minerals and probiotics

That will add minerals to your body to bind with poisons throughout the system. It adds probiotics into the intestines. Also it gives your bacteria knowledge and properties that only exist in that shapeshifting stem-cell-like clay. 

Clay – Superfood of Aajonus

Clay is the only superfood I know. You are not going to get much protein, you are not going to get much fat from the clay. It is introducing a life substance in you body that can create a whole new and healthier environment that may be just particular to your needs. It is the only food I know that can do that. Also because of the mineral content in it can bind, chelate with a lot of toxic minerals in you body and prevent them from doing damage to your system.

This excerpt is from the Primal Diet Workshop of April 25, 2010; the entire workshop – along with many other vital answers/lectures – has been recorded and can be heard as part of Aajonus – Collected Audio Recordings.

Aajonus: Mitigating Vaccine Induced Diseases


can be mitigated or reversed by eating 1-2 raw eggs every 1-2 hours until symptoms are alleviated enough, which may take weeks. Then, I suggest eating a balanced raw diet with plenty of raw fat and raw meat. Those suggestions are for the time period within 10 days after injection. For people who can acquire raw butter and unheated honey, they can mix 7 tablespoons of raw butter with 1 tablespoon unheated honey, and eat 1 teaspoon of that mixture after each egg.

For those who suffer VID from vaccines injected further in the past, I suggest a balanced diet as given in the book The Recipe For Living Without Disease, pages 40-42. For the afternoon fruit meal, I suggest eating ½-1 cup raw berries (raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, or cranberries) blended with 3-8 tablespoons raw coconut cream, 1-2 tablespoons unsalted raw butter, and 1-2 tablespoons raw cream to help remove the mercury and aluminum that are common ingredients used in vaccines. Those two toxins cause blood and neurological serums to become high in sediment and cause excessive clotting, resulting in strokes, seizures and many other neurological VID’s.

For more information on the dangers of vaccines, read the book by Dr. Rebecca Carley, M.D., Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction; and, Causing VIDs; An Epidemic of Genocide. Dr. Carley is a court-qualified expert in VIDS and Legal Abuse Syndrome. [a video is available; finding the books despite censorship may be more difficult]


Question: I do not think that just this one article “Nice Shot” could change your mind about vaccines but what do you think.
— Scott

Hi, Scott,
On October 10, 2007 The New York Times published an article by Gary Taxali reviewing the book Nice Shot by Jessica Snyder Sachs. The review was not really a review but hashing support for Sachs’ view that we should give our children flu shots. In his article, he berates parents for shunning flu shots for their children. He argues that we cannot become naturally immune to certain bacteria. He further argues that allowing particular sicknesses, such as flu and pneumonia, to run their course weakens children and makes them more prone to worse diseases later. He states, “health agencies have expanded their flu shot recommendations to include all children ages 6 months to 5 years in addition to adults over age 50, and anyone, child or adult, with a chronic condition like severe allergies, asthma or diabetes.” The rest of the article lays the ground to support it unequivocally.

To even consider that his arguments should be accepted as basis to get our children, or anyone injected with flu vaccines is nonsense. Viruses are not alive and always changing. Viruses that exist in one person are not the same in another, and viruses change completely within a person about 72 hours. Therefore, the idea that flu vaccines are efficacious is absurd. It takes about 18 months to manufacture, market, promote and distribute one type of flu vaccine. Therefore, the vaccine is obsolete 18 months before there are plans to create a flu vaccine. If flu vaccines had any efficacy, they would have to be available within days of that particular virus being produced within our bodies. In either case, there is no scientific proof that flu vaccines create immunity from anything.

There is evidence though that vaccines are very harmful. Many people, especially children have severe reactions to vaccines, such as colds, flu, complete paralysis, hepatitis, pneumonia and death. Yet, Sachs and Taxali argue that to let pneumonia run its course is ignorant, idiotic, dangerous and irresponsible. Neither mentions all of the poisonous substances in all vaccines, such as liquid methyl mercury, aluminum, ether, formaldehyde and detergents. The quantity may vary but some or all of those substances are in all vaccines, including flu vaccines. What educated parent with knowledge about those toxins is going to believe the rhetoric from the industries that profit from vaccines, that flu shots are ultimately good for anyone, especially children?

How many of you would watch me dump a bunch of rotten eggs with disease into a blender with the neurotoxin methyl mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ether and detergents, blend them and offer it to your children, elderly parents and you as a preventative for flu? Who would drink it and allow their loved ones to drink it? Who thinks that we have better chances with microbes, with which humans have interacted for at least 4 million years, rather than a blatant soup of poisons? Natural immunity should always be our choice.

However, Maryland State government has begun to force vaccines on everyone’s children. If parents do not get their children vaccinated, the parents will suffer jail time. I suggest that if you live in Maryland and you have children, move to another state quickly.

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