Aajonus answers about “some serious viral epidemic”

— If you were in a situation where some serious viral epidemic was occurring, like Ebola or something like that, what would you do? Would you submit to antibiotic, or ozone or any of the things that are used in those situations?

Aajonus: You mean if I were handling people who were not on a healthy diet?

— Yes, that’s one question. Or if somebody that were on this diet and had been for a while was suddenly…

Aajonus: It wouldn’t affect them.

— It wouldn’t affect them?! In other words…

Aajonus: It couldn’t thrive in their body.

— Really?

Aajonus: Just like the syphilis couldn’t thrive in that person’s — Bryon’s,- body. And that’s a rough one.

— Syphilis?

Aajonus: Yes. It’s a rough one.

— It couldn’t be any rougher than Ebola.

Aajonus: About the same probably.

— Internal hemorrhaging. Then there’s that bacteria, the flesh eating bacteria. Remember that one in England. An inch an hour! And so none of that would thrive.

Aajonus: No.

— Because of the high fat content of the tissues.

Aajonus: Yes. And the strength of the proteins in the body. Your immune system would just neutralize it. However, let’s say somebody hasn’t been on the diet that long and they are exposed to it and it does take a hold in their system. Have them drink lots of beet juice. Beet juice, about two ounces every two to three hours. Lots of cheese with it. Have them have some flax oil. Probably one tablespoon every three or four hours. The beet juice has the hydrochloric acid, so that helps dissolve any matter that has formed in the system. Helps dissolve it. That’s what the body uses it for.
It’s like I had a girlfriend one time that got stung by a scorpion. I told her to take fresh raw corn, chew it up a little bit and put in on the area and the hydrochloric acid in there would draw it out.
Another person was bit by a rattlesnake. I told him to put that on locally and drink lots of beet juice, because hydrochloric acids do neutralize snake poison.
Neutralizes just about anything if they body has good, raw hydrochloric acid, is fed it. And the beet is high in that. And so is corn. Raw corn. The starchier the better too. I remember when I would go travel outdoors, I would go pick the feed corn instead of the regular human corn. (Aajonus laughs.) I would eat the corn that the cows ate, but when it’s fresh on the stalk, it’s not like rock hard. And it’s very starchy and very delicious and very filling. It’s even higher in the hydrochloric acid. So I would use the beet juice to provide the hydrochloric acids to neutralize the foreign matter that’s in there. I use it as an anti-biotic at any time, anti-viral. And I do it not to kill the virus, but to keep it at a lower level so that somebody is not going through such a tremendous detox that they can’t make it through it.

Excerpted from Early Training with Aajonus

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