Baths for Health

Baths for health

have been around for millennia. European spas (and some in the US) still flourish, with many reversals of disease and many testimonials to their credit.

This is great for those who have a disease requiring urgent handling, and for those who can just take off for some months. You may experience these benefits now, in your own home! Relax from the fears and hysteria in the world around you.

People have soaked in hot baths for thousands of years, for pleasure and relaxation, and for cleansing and detoxifying. Wise healers have known that toxins can become trapped in the body, and that the proper heat and moisture of therapeutic baths are vital to a healthy lymph system. It is not common knowledge that the lymphatic system plays a major role in the body’s immunity to disease. If you have a bath tub or a hot tub, the rest is easy with the details in Beneficial Home Baths. Even if you live in a city with ‘helpful’ chemicals added to the water, this book spells out how to neutralize these and allow you the full benefits.

Our environment is more toxic then ever in history.

This book will help you restore your body’s ability to flush these toxins away – naturally and effectively.

Do this therapy

After hearing Aajonus speak on interviews about the hot baths, we were convinced that we needed to do this therapy. We have a big, deep bathtub. It’s 25 years old, and we’ve never used it. So, we got a candy thermometer to check the water temperature. We keep the water temp between 106 and 108 degrees. It takes 2 loads of hot water to fill up the tub. We drain one hot-water-heater load into the tub, cover the tub (with a make-shift cover) to hold in the heat while the water heater heats up another load — then we drain that load into the tub.

It registers around 108 degrees when we get into the tub.

We just slide the cover back and get into the tub, with our heads sticking out. (Only one of us can get into the tub at a time.) You stay very warm that way. We also heat up the bathroom with our electric space heater, so it’s warm in the room to begin with…

K. has had some amazing detoxes through this. During his third hot-bath session, he was smelling the organic solvent toluene coming out of his breath. He started smelling this while he was in the hot bath, and it continued on during the bed-sweating session. Over 35 years ago, my husband worked for several years in a plastic manufacturing plant as a chemical engineer. Without mask or fan, he breathed in toluene and other bad chemicals 8 hours per day. This stuff was detoxing out of his body.

It was amazing to us, after all these years — to the point where he could smell it. It’s funny — he hasn’t smelled it since… [The complete story is in the book].

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Beneficial Home Baths

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