Baths for Health

Baths for health

have been around for millennia. European spas (and some in the US) still flourish, with many reversals of disease and many testimonials to their credit.

This is great for those who have a disease requiring urgent handling, and for those who can just take off for some months. You may experience these benefits now, in your own home! Relax from the fears and hysteria in the world around you.

People have soaked in hot baths for thousands of years, for pleasure and relaxation, and for cleansing and detoxifying. Wise healers have known that toxins can become trapped in the body, and that the proper heat and moisture of therapeutic baths are vital to a healthy lymph system. It is not common knowledge that the lymphatic system plays a major role in the body’s immunity to disease. If you have a bath tub or a hot tub, the rest is easy with the details in Beneficial Home Baths. Even if you live in a city with ‘helpful’ chemicals added to the water, this book spells out how to neutralize these and allow you the full benefits.

Our environment is more toxic then ever in history.

This book will help you restore your body’s ability to flush these toxins away – naturally and effectively.

Do this therapy

After hearing Aajonus speak on interviews about the hot baths, we were convinced that we needed to do this therapy. We have a big, deep bathtub. It’s 25 years old, and we’ve never used it. So, we got a candy thermometer to check the water temperature. We keep the water temp between 106 and 108 degrees. It takes 2 loads of hot water to fill up the tub. We drain one hot-water-heater load into the tub, cover the tub (with a make-shift cover) to hold in the heat while the water heater heats up another load — then we drain that load into the tub.

It registers around 108 degrees when we get into the tub.

We just slide the cover back and get into the tub, with our heads sticking out. (Only one of us can get into the tub at a time.) You stay very warm that way. We also heat up the bathroom with our electric space heater, so it’s warm in the room to begin with…

K. has had some amazing detoxes through this. During his third hot-bath session, he was smelling the organic solvent toluene coming out of his breath. He started smelling this while he was in the hot bath, and it continued on during the bed-sweating session. Over 35 years ago, my husband worked for several years in a plastic manufacturing plant as a chemical engineer. Without mask or fan, he breathed in toluene and other bad chemicals 8 hours per day. This stuff was detoxing out of his body.

It was amazing to us, after all these years — to the point where he could smell it. It’s funny — he hasn’t smelled it since… [The complete story is in the book].

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Beneficial Home Baths

Why Vegans Don’t Stay Vegans

I have never had such a young crowd here. This is a breath of fresh air to meet younger people this time. We will start off by talking about the human system. You start the digestive process in the mouth. And predominantly what we have in the mouth is not enzymes. We have [inaudible] enzymes which a horse has which breaks down into a carbohydrate. 98 percent of what is in the saliva is bacteria. It is putrefactive bacteria, which means acidic bacteria which is meant to digest animal tissue, animal cells. We have more bacteria in the mouth than dogs and cats. [inaudible]

And that starts the digestive process. You swallow – and what do we have in the stomach? Acidic bacteria to break down animal tissue again. … hydrochloric acid. The acids that you will find in a cow or any herbivore’s system is an anaerobic bacteria which breaks down vegetation.. And as we move down into lower part of the stomach, we have bile. Bile is suited for animal fats, not for vegetation, not for vegetable oils. You don’t break those down – 2 percent at best. We can digest 100 percent of animal fats. So, as we move into the colon, we continue to secrete small amounts of hydrochloric acid and bile to continue the digestion of proteins and fats. Now that is only 10 percent at best of your digestive process. 90 percent of that is bacteria. We have all sorts of bacteria. We have 150 bacterial genes to every one human gene.We are  not even one percent human. We are bacteria; our entire body is 150 bacterial genes to one human gene. That means that we rely on bacteria for every process. including digestion.

So the FDA’s nonsense and the medical profession’s nonsense about bacteria is just the opposite of the stance you want to take. The more bacteria in your feed, the better. Tribes know this. Turks. Have you ever been to Turkey? They [inaudible]. I mean they just [inaudible] on the slab of beef that they were hanging a quarter side with gangrene. And they let the gangrene eat into it for about 3 weeks – sometimes a little less, sometimes a little longer, depending on the weather. And then they scrape the fungus on the outside, the spores, because that can make them vomit and have diarrhea. And when they eat all that meat has been pre-digested and tenderized by gangrene. So, everything you have been taught about bacteria, fungus and all that, [inaudible], parasites – no matter what it is – it is all wrong. It is the exact opposite. Everything that you hear from the medical profession, 99 times out of 100, if you do the opposite of what they say , you will be right. It is that sad.

When I was a child, cancer was one in a thousand. Now it is 1 in 3 in females and 1 in 2 in males. The medical profession and the government health department obviously don’t know what they are talking about because they are saying ‘do this, do this for health’ and none of us are getting healthier; people are getting sicker. So we need to avoid that. So, all this bacteria in the intestines is doing the digestion. We eat feces and urine and sweat from bacteria. That is our food. They break down the food, they eat it, they pass fecal matter, their urine, their sweat – just like we do. And that is our food.  And it is to absorb into the lacteal system, which is a fine-webbed network attached to all of the intestinal tract that leads to the lymphatic system. It is called the lacteal system because no matter what those bacteria break down, it turns into the exact color of milk.

Then the lymphatic system takes it, breaks it down further and makes it into a translucent milky type substance that feeds the entire body. As we move to the colon, we find other putrified bacteria that are very different from those in the small intestine. And they are responsible for breaking down the proteins and fats into finite molecules that feed the brain and the nervous system.

So, depression is a very easy thing to get rid of. You eat rotten meat, you eat rotten eggs. You eat something that is already pre-digested because your body can’t do it. If you are anxious, that is a matter of exercise. It means you are producing a lot of hormones for physical activity and you are not expressing them in activity. Therefore you [inaudible] anxiety. And that doesn’t make for good relationships or a happy life. So, exercise if you have anxiety. For depression, you eat pre-digested meat or dairy or eggs or something like that. There are tribes all over the world that do it. There are tribes that are without meat sources so they eat insects. They also eat fecal matter from the buffalo or horses or whatever they have.

Why do they do this? Because the animal has pre-digested everything that is released in the fecal matter. And cows and horses and goats – they still only digest 72 percent of everything they eat. …average. 72 percent of everything they eat. They may discard 59 percent of it, 52 percent of it if they are eating hay instead of fresh grasses. That is pre-digested. So they eat it and they are able to break down vegetation only because it has been pre-broken down by the animals. So there is nothing taboo about anything that is in the medical profession says is taboo. It is an absurdity. I have lived with many tribes, many primitive tribes and let me tell you: they don’t wash their hands, they don’t have soap, they go pooping and wiping their butt in the dirt.

[Aajonus continues talking about other tribes he has experienced first hand.]

Excerpted from a Primal Diet Workshop in Carbondale, Colorado, on August 13, 2011. You may hear the full workshop as a part of Aajonus – Collected Audio Recordings.