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  1. Today, let’s see what Aajonus says about supplements – for and against.  My style is to look in various Q&As, Primal Diet Workshops, and articles and his books. This is just a small sampling; we invite your comment.

    See the video https://www.facebook.com/primaldieting/videos/664575134423776

    Here are excerpts of other times he has addressed the subject of supplements in stores:

    Aajonus: All supplements are chemicals. They have pictures on the [Primal Diet Workshop] DVD of Vitamin C when it’s raw and right out of food. It looks like little cotton balls. Then next to it you see the same cotton balls made into a supplement and it’s like rock and glass. In the same size, same magnification, you see these little bitty balls that are the vitamin, and next to them these big sharp glass like mirrors and rocks. Who can tell me that this Vitamin C is going to do the same as the chemical cauterized substance. It doesn’t happen. Even though the supplement is made from food, it’s this big spikey, rock slate like substance. I have the same pictures of Vitamin B1 in it’s raw food form and it’s supplement form. All supplements are made that way. They are made with kerosene, even so called natural supplements. They can call kerosene all natural. The person with good intentions goes to a lab to make this. He says to the lab “I want an all-natural, all food-derived vitamin, can you make it? The laboratory wants the work so they say, sure. Where’s the lab going to get that from a food, where’s he going to get the food to do that? If they have to grow it, it will cost you 1,000 dollars a pill. He would have to grow it, cultivate it, process it. So what does the laboratory do? They go to Purina or General Mills, buy their waste product that’s already been heavily chemically treated, processed with heat and who knows what else, sells it to this laboratory. The laboratory can say, “I never used any heat, I never used any chemicals except for natural ones”. They never tell you it’s a kerosene derivative. And then they say, here you go, you’ve got an all natural food based substance. It’s all marketing. It is not good, it’s all poisonous stuff.

    Vitamin E is the most toxic vitamin there is out there. 99% of the vitamin E out there is from Fuji and Kodak. It’s the byproduct of developing film. It is one of the most toxic substances on the earth. Fuji and Kodak spend millions of dollars every year in scientists, trying to figure out what to do with this toxic waste substance. They would spend hundreds of dollars a year, all over the planet burying the waste in thick stainless steel cauldrons under ground. The cauldrons were 55-100 gallons large. So they had to pay to have these caves, these tombs built, plus to maintain everything. The process of transporting the stuff was frightfully expensive. So one of the scientists came up with the idea, “…Hey this looks like it has 70% the molecular structure of Vitamin E, lets call it Vitamin E and sell it as Vitamin E”. So even the natural substances that say ‘natural vitamin E from corn or soybeans’ five units per 100 will be natural. The rest is Kodak and Fuji garbage. So it’s very toxic, vitamin E is the worst. If you look at what happened to Diane Cannon: when I worked at Anthony’s Health Food Store, she used to come in and consume a bottle of Vitamin E a week. It ripped her skin and made it into tissue paper. You know what happened to her psychologically if you know her story. I warned her, and I warned her every time she took that capsule. She would say “but it makes my skin so soft.” It’s going to dissolve your whole freaking body, and it did – her mind, her brain – everything. So vitamin E is one of the worst.

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    Aajonus gives us supplements:

    I say eat cheese only twice a day with honey, maybe thirty minutes after a meat meal, and that’s to give your calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, all those good concentrated minerals, supplementation. Otherwise the cheese won’t be as digestible without having fungus or mold in it. If you don’t want it to mold don’t refrigerate it. Molds grow in cold environments, so if you leave the cheese out to get warm [it won’t mold]. February 22, 2009

     Well, really in cheese you don’t digest much of it anyway unless you eat honey with it. It’s mainly a vacuum and a magnet to pull the poisons out of the body. When you eat honey with it, it’s a great mineral supplement. It’s your best mineral supplement there is. Interview: Joanne Unleashed 

    [The dryer the cheese is,] the less you will digest of it. That acts as a magnet and a sponge and will carry toxins out through the fecal matter. If you eat honey in the same mouth bite with cheese, the cheese will digest because you’re adding enzymes to it that are lost by dehydration. So if you need a good mineral supplement, you don’t go to rock; some mineral supplement, its rock. Plants eat rock, you don’t eat rock. [Laughter] So you take a mineral supplement that’s rock and you’re not going to digest it; you’re not a plant. It’s the most absurd thing in the world. I see tons of people with rusting iron, iodine, patina’ed copper in their systems because they’re taking these supplements and it’s ludicrous

    …you cannot get any higher concentration of minerals than you can in raw, no-salt cheese. So, that’s your best mineral supplement. July 10, 2007 

    Dairy is the best mineral supplement there is to rebuild bones. That’s why babies drink it. Can you imagine that a baby can grow from this size, in two years can grow to this size, bones and everything else? That’s a tremendous amount of minerals. Only in dairy can humans digest that many minerals and make them into bone as well as ligaments, tendons and all the other tissue.  Sept. 13, 2009

    Coffee is a neurotoxin unless it’s decaffeinated. However to decaffeinate, they use a kerosene derivative. How many of you would soak your peaches in kerosene for 30 minutes, then rinse them off and eat them? Almost all supplements are made that way. 98% of all supplements use a kerosene derivative.

    1. So I still have one dilemma regarding raw meat. Most toxins are created due to the high temps, correct? Is there still uric acid in raw meat? What’s the pH of raw meat?

      In my studies of Dr. Robert Young, all disease stems from the initial pH drop in the interstitium (fluid surrounding cells). THAT makes perfect sense when you watch all his presentations and how he and his staff can MEASURE the pH in the body, NON-INVASIVELY. see: https://www.universalmedicalimaging.com/

      Young’s premise is that we are alkaline by design, but all cellular functions produce acid wastes (lactic, citric, etc.) So, if this is the HOW of disease, just by looking at results, one could go the plant based route to alkalize, or the raw route, it seems.

      1. Hello! I won’t argue but will continue to make Aajonus’s information available. Aajonus did his own research.

      2. Anyone have thoughts? Does clean raw meat boost the pH of the stomach? I’m gonna do some more researching…

        Obviously, going raw has helped thousands.

        1. As best I can tell, acidic food needs alkaline to be secreted for digestion, and vice versa. Meat would be alkaline, requiring acid to digest it. The basic problem with fads like alkalinity, etc. is that they take a good thing too far, as if too much of anything is better!

          Balance was the basic principle medicine used centuries ago, which is consistent with the adage – Moderation in everything.

          1. Dr. Robert Young talks about the stomach not digesting anything. It’s an alkaline buffer system to prepare food for uptake. Fascinating stuff!

        2. You dont worry about ph of stomach unless its deciding whag combination of foods to eat. Alkaline acid, neither is bad, it depends on food. In relation ro ph of blood, when it is overly acidic you may feel nauseous, have a lack of appetite, and be irritable. Your blood becomes more acidic as a result of detox. Is it unhealthy because your bloods acidic? Or is it because toxins were released causing the rise in acidity. Its always the toxins. Raw Red meat can cause detox, but it is by no means contributing to the problem. To address overly acidic blood, have typically 16-64 ounces of vegetable juice a day, 1 hour away from meat meals.

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