Clay – Concentrated Minerals

Minerals to Bind and Neutralize Toxins

How can we provide enough minerals to bind and neutralize those toxins with and without enough fats in the body?

Clay, cheese with honey, milk are your main substances of concentrated minerals.

The clay I recommend is Terramin clay. I like that clay because it is from an old thermal water bed table. So the water never got over 98 degrees where they mine it. Phosphorus is cauterized at 98 degrees. Terramin clay is the only place except in fresh raw foods where you can find phosphorus. Phosphorus is cauterized at a very low temperature, 98 degrees… In this clay the phosphorus is pure and un-cauterized and un-adulterated.

The way you make the Terramin clay

You can make it in a way to be probiotic, to help you generate bacteria in your intestines. You take a 2 cup jar and put a cup of clay in it, You put 1 cup, 1 1/4 cup of water (transcribers note: 5 to 6 ounces is enough water), you stir it in the water, it thins out the clay and you get like a Plaster of Paris consistency. You let it sit for 4 to 5 days. The bacteria evolves very nicely.

Clay is the only element on this planet that can shapeshift. It can go from a bacteria to an amoeba. It can take any kind of shape. It is like a stem cell in the body. That’s why they say all life came out of a primordial mush. Clay, wet clay! Flies can generate. Any kind of creature can generate from clay. So you let it sit for 4 to 5 days. And it starts being able to do good things for whatever environment it is in.

Take a tablespoon of clay [transcribers note: aged wet clay], sometimes 1 1/2 T into 4 ounces of milk. Blend it only for 1 second. That particular clay makes milk taste slightly like chocolate milk. Not bad, easy to drink. If you don’t like the slightly gritty taste in you mouth then have another ounce or two of milk and rinse your mouth out and swallow.

Add minerals and probiotics

That will add minerals to your body to bind with poisons throughout the system. It adds probiotics into the intestines. Also it gives your bacteria knowledge and properties that only exist in that shapeshifting stem-cell-like clay. 

Clay – Superfood of Aajonus

Clay is the only superfood I know. You are not going to get much protein, you are not going to get much fat from the clay. It is introducing a life substance in you body that can create a whole new and healthier environment that may be just particular to your needs. It is the only food I know that can do that. Also because of the mineral content in it can bind, chelate with a lot of toxic minerals in you body and prevent them from doing damage to your system.

This excerpt is from the Primal Diet Workshop of April 25, 2010; the entire workshop – along with many other vital answers/lectures – has been recorded and can be heard as part of Aajonus – Collected Audio Recordings.