Detox Heavy Metals Easily

In this excerpt, Aajonus demonstrates that raw unsalted cheese is an effective way to get rid of heavy metals. I transcribed it for myself and suggest you post it on

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Aajonus: I had this one fellow. The only problem, real problems that I have are with patients who have been skinny a long time in their lives. And I mean bird legs and bird thin all their life. They didn’t have any fat to store poisons. They went into the cells. So all their cells are terribly contaminated. Those are my worst patients. They are always in pain, they are always suffering, they are always in fatigue. When they reach that straw in their life it breaks their back of health. It sometimes takes 10 years, eleven years before they are at a normal plane. So it is difficult.

Now I had one fellow that came to me two years ago that was in that shape. He was calling me all the time. Those people do. I only have four of them right now. Two of them now are pretty well. Two of them call me pretty regularly. One has been on for three years and one two years. He came to see me in Chicago. He was grey, he was grey, I mean grey, not any pink in his skin. Nothing, he was grey. He was dark grey around here almost charcoal, like a raccoon.

Audience: What causes that?

Aajonus: That is metal poisoning, especially tin and mercury from injections and aluminum.

It is a good thing because they are trying to throw it out, and they throw it into the skin. 90 percent of the toxins are supposed to leave thorough the skin. In those people they have so many toxins it is going to go layer after layer after layer because it is deep in their tissue. There are a lot of people that I have seen where the toxins are not in the cells. They are out in the serums and outside the cell tattooed on the cell wall (not clear), so there is not as much functionality. But there is less pain and suffering in those people.

So this fellow came in the door and it was only 2 years and he was pink. So he was still a little grey here but he didn’t look like a raccoon any more. He was still smiling and happy, and this guy didn’t smile any time that I had seen him in the last two years or over the phone with him, nothing happy about him. But all of a sudden about 4 months he stopped calling me. I saw him 7 months ago when I was in Chicago. And I saw him last weekend, last week.

So I said O.K., you are not from this planet, right? Because in his intestinal tract, if you look at an iris, you’ve got the outer edge, you have got the pupil and around the pupil you are going to find this (not clear) that is the intestinal tract. His intestinal track was completely black. You could not tell (not clear) his intestinal tract; dark black spokes coming out from that in his pupil. That’s how much mercury and heavy metals he had in his intestines.

He was one of those skinny, skinny individuals that absorbed all those poisons and couldn’t throw them off because he had no fat to throw them off. So here he walked up, I photographed his eyes. I can see his entire digestive tract. 90 percent of the metal is gone. And he looks it. And I said What planet are you from? This isn’t natural or normal. He said I’m am doing better. I’m feeling good and he said I don’t see the difference but I feel the difference, I feel happy now, I feel energy. He went from bone thin like Jim was and a lot of other people, several other people who are here, bone thin, thinner than he. So he was big, his waist… he probably went from a…, he is about 6 feet 2 inches. He probably went from a 31 waist to 42. But he was strong, he had red skin, not all grey except around the eyes. It was just like a miracle. I’ve seen that a few times. But the people were not honest with me.

I said O.K., I want you to tell me what you eat. Take me through a day. He said I am going to be honest. I have been eating maybe 10 times more [raw unsalted] cheese than you told me. I said I gave you a minimum. I don’t care if you eat 10 pounds a day. I just want you to eat a minimum of a little cube of cheese, of a half a teaspoon every 15 minutes. He wouldn’t stop eating it, he just kept eating and eating and eating it and going through a pound, a pound and a half a day.

I tell people, that’s what vacuums. It absorbs the poisons out of the stomach and intestines and in 7 months he did that. You have to understand when I give you something, it is a minimum not a maximum, it’s a minimum. So pig out on the cheese if you have intestinal poisoning and you want to get rid of metal poisoning faster. Get fat for a while on cheese. Cheese will make you fat. You don’t digest it – the raw cheese – you won’t digest but it will allow you to utilize all your other foods to completely build and detox and heal, while the cheese goes through and does the main detoxification. So you are able to use all those foods that I tell you to eat. And I tell everybody to eat a lot with a lot of butter. So if you want to move fast through your poisons, do it. Lots of cheese.

Audience: One pound of cheese a day?

Aajonus: He is 6 feet 2 inches tall. You may want to eat 1/2 a pound of cheese a day.

Audience: With butter?

Aajonus: I had him first thing in the morning, I had him eat a little butter and several times a day, like once an hour he had a little bit of butter with so much cheese just so you don’t get too dry from it.

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